TRE (Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented, & Equity-Focused)

Becoming Trauma-Informed 

Over the past few months, Step By Step has participated in a year-long project with the National Council for Behavioral Health and 14 other providers across the Nation for the transformation of organizations to become Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented and Equity-focused. To capture the project in more concise manner, Step By Step adopted the acronym “TRE” to represent the project.


Every member of the Step By Step team will be part of the Agency’s exciting transformation towards being trauma-informed.” The importance of being “trauma informed” is immeasurable for the workforce and the individuals receiving services. This opportunity will take us on a journey during which Step By Step will receive technical assistance from national experts, including virtual learning sessions and individual coaching calls, programmatic and organizational assessments, and tools to support organizational change with identified outcomes and performance indicators.

Although the direct consultation takes place with a core team of 13 Step By Step team members representing a cross section of the Agency, the transformation process involves every member of Step By Step. The TRE transformation is a long-term journey. The project with the National Council is only the beginning of the exciting transformation for Step By Step. 

As an Agency, we are choosing to create change that brings healing. Stay tuned for more information and specifics on this important endeavor! 

View the TRE team’s Safety Plan Video Here!