Job Description

Part Time Positions – Provides one-on one support and intervention to children and adolescents, when required, using the behavior modification and pro-active strategies outlined in the treatment plan. Provides support to the family/school and others involved in their effort to stabilize the child/adolescent by providing information, guidance, modeling and counseling. Provides therapeutic supervision of children during treatment, which includes recreational and educational activities. Works collaboratively with all treatment team members and administrators to ensure the behavioral treatment plan is meeting the needs of the child/adolescent and recommends modifications to the plan when necessary. Assists in the management of aggressive children using only approved techniques of Step By Step, Inc.


Bachelor’s Degree in psychology,social work, education, counseling, sociology, criminal justice, or similar human service field.

Bachelor’s Degree in any other field with the equivalent of at least one year of full time paid work experience in a job that involves direct contact with children or adolescents.

Associates Degree (or 60 credits toward a Bachelor Degree) plus 3 years of paid experience working with children.