Work with a team providing support and creative activities with 8 individuals in a group home setting. Provide structure and guidance to the staff at that site. Must be willing and able to work overtime, weekends, holidays, day and evening shifts. Flexibility is a must.  On call/shift filling responsibilities.  This position mandates various shift assignments, operating on a 24 hour a day, seven days per week schedule where employees are subject to both voluntary and involuntary overtime. Flexibility is a MUST!

Hourly rate range is $20.00 to $24.00 with a great benefit package!

Works schedule will be either Sunday through Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday, hours will vary according to the needs of the individuals, program and staff. There is the potential of voluntary and mandatory overtime. On-call rotation is a MUST!

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (include but are not limited to):

  • Direct supervision of Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assistant Supervisor, Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Caseworker and Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor 2 positions with weekly documented face-to-face contact.
  • Ensures all Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Staff follow the Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, CSP/CASSP Principles and follow a Recovery Model.
  • Coaches and counsels Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Staff on the Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, CSP/CASSP Principles and on a Recovery Model.
  • With the direction of the Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Manager, follows through with disciplinary actions and assists Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assistant Supervisors with disciplinary actions.
  • Plans the agenda, facilitates and documents staff meetings.
  • Ensures relevant information is communicated to staff.
  • Identifies and teaches staff to identify the individual’s strengths and areas that need development or improvement.
  • Establishes individual goals for developing community living skills.
  • Implements methods, processes and plans for goal planning, supportive counseling, guidance, group activities, tutoring, and role modeling.
  • Provides individuals with experiential opportunities to address specific needs.
  • Reviews assigned cases with Residential Psychiatric Rehabilitation Manager regarding the individual’s adherence to the Standards of Successful Living and addresses violations.
  • Establishes and maintains written/verbal communication with inter and intra-agency staff in a clear, effective and professional manner.
  • Attends and participates in inter and intra-agency case staffings, conferences, etc.
  • Provides timely completion of employee performance evaluations reflective of on-going documentation of the employees’ progress and develops effective goal and performance plans.
  • Responsible for monitoring and enhancing site staff morale.
  • Assists residential staff in continuation of their professional growth and helps them keep current with the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
  • Develops and monitors residential site staff schedule.
  • Participates in supervisory review of all residential schedules to ensure adequate site coverage and maximum service delivery.
  • Fulfills on-call responsibilities, including assuming the primary responsibilities and training and monitoring employees in the on-call procedures.
  • Conducts monthly site inspections to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  • Assures that the program meets all local, state, federal, fire and safety requirements at all times.
  • Follows-up and monitors due dates for documentation.
  • Reviews consumer documentation for accuracy, timeliness, writing quality, consumer driven, reason for referral reflected, measurable, show progress, consistency between documents and psychosocial principles.
  • Ensures that all Agency and program policies and procedures are followed at the residential site.
  • Optimizes team effectiveness; supports and encourages utilization of employee strengths.
  • Adjusts leadership to meet the needs of individual employees and the team.
  • Ensures oversight and coordination of health related needs of individuals with community health care providers.
  • Ensures case coordination of individuals, providing linkages to community services of the consumer’s choice.
  • Continues education and keeps current with information relevant to the recovery of persons with mental illness and drug and alcohol issues.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and two years experience in mental health or developmental disability field including one year supervisory experience; or
  • Associate’s Degree in a related human service field, or 60 credits in a related field of study, and three years experience in mental health or developmental disability field including two years supervisory experience.