Work is performed and reviewed for effectiveness and adherence to program policies and procedures under the general direction of the Director of Residential Services.  As a Program Manager, you are responsible for the selection, training, scheduling and management of each employee, and the team as a whole, for assigned residential program, as well as assisting other residential programs.   The Residential Program Manager position is relied upon for ethical implementation of services and support to ensure quality services that are in accordance with all applicable regulations.  You are delegated the authority, responsibility and accountability necessary to carry out assigned duties and to respond to emergency situations.  Since you will be working with people, you must be prepared to effectively deal with emergencies, health-related issues and unexpected interruption of duties.  We will ask that you be flexible in routine, daily assignments, site assignments, hours of work and philosophical commitment.  Your actions will affect another person’s life, and it is expected that you will be a positive, desirable role model.  Since you will be interacting with numerous professionals on a frequent basis, you are expected to represent yourself and the Agency in a positive, professional manner at all times.



  • Responsible for supervision of Direct Support Staff Lead and Direct Support Staff working at assigned residential programs with documented bi-weekly 1:1 supervision.
  • Ensures Direct Support Staff Lead and Direct Support Staff working at assigned residential programs follow the principles of Normalization, Positive Approaches and the principles elaborated on in Everyday Lives.
  • Meets with employees, formally and informally.
  • Under the direction of the Director of Residential Services, follows through with disciplinary actions as needed.
  • Plans the agenda, facilitates and documents staff meetings.
  • Ensures relevant information is communicated to employees.

Employee Development:

  • Actively participates in interviewing and the selection of new employees for assigned residential homes.
  • Facilitates complete site orientation training for all new employees working at assigned residential homes.
  • Develops systematic competency-based training plan for all employees working at assigned residential homes for probationary period.
  • Provides on-site role modeling.
  • Provides training during staff meetings held at assigned residential homes.
  • Coordinates employee goals with in-house and external training.
  • Develops a training plan each year which includes in-service training and annual training for employees working at assigned residential homes to ensure the minimum number training hours in a service year is received in accordance with the Agency Training Matrix and program regulations.
  • Participates as a facilitator and/or co-facilitator in a minimum of one ongoing training for Regional employees.
  • Completes performance evaluations for supervised employees in a timely manner reflective of the employees’ performance during a specified time period. Develops effective goal and performance plans for the employee.
  • Responsible for monitoring and enhancing employee morale at assigned residential homes.
  • Assists supervised employees in the continuation of their professional growth and helps them keep current in the field of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Attends and participates in scheduled employee development activities.

Scheduling/On Call:

  • Develops and monitors employee work schedule for assigned residential homes.
  • Participates in Manager Review of all residential schedules to ensure adequate site coverage and maximum service delivery.
  • Reviews and approves all schedule changes and timesheet submissions for assigned residential homes.
  • Monitors and approves all employee leave requests for assigned residential homes in a manner that ensures adequate program coverage.
  • Monitors over-time and use of temporary staff for assigned residential homes.
  • Fulfills on-call responsibilities, which includes assuming the primary responsibilities, monitoring and training residential staff in the On-call procedures.

Monitoring Physical Plant:

  • Conducts monthly site inspections for assigned residential homes to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  • Ensures the homes remain “homelike.”
  • Ensures the exterior/interior of the home is clean and attractive.
  • Assures assigned residential programs meet all local, state, federal and fire and safety requirements at all times.
  • Monitors the fiscal status for all assigned residential homes in a timely manner and ensures purchase ordering for assorted office and household supplies on a regular basis.
  • Ensures a healthy and safe environment for all assigned residential homes.

Documentation (for all assigned residential programs):

  • Follows-up and monitors due dates for documentation.
  • Verifies and authorizes the accurate calculation of the daily census.
  • Reviews program participant documentation for accuracy, timeliness, and overall quality. Ensures goals are person centered, measurable, and reflect the ISP Outcome for the service.
  • Ensures timely completion and submission of all safety meetings, inspections, and disaster drills.
  • Ensures the timely submission of vehicle inspections, gas logs and receipts for car washes.
  • Ensures the accurate completion and submission of monthly program participant funds and petty cash.
  • Ensures grocery receipts are logged and submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Monitors, records and educates staff in the administration of medication according to Medication Procedures.
  • Documents team meetings and house meetings.
  • Documents communication with landlords (for leased properties), including requests for repairs to residential homes.


  • Provides continuous supervision and direction for the operation of assigned residential programs.
  • Ensures all Agency program policies and procedures are followed.
  • Optimizes team effectiveness and supports and encourages utilization of employee strengths.
  • Adjusts leadership to meet the needs of individual employees and the team.
  • Attends and participates in assigned Agency/program committees.
  • Actively seeks and utilizes new information and resources that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the program.

Program (for all assigned residential programs):

  • Ensures programs are operated in accordance with the principles of Normalization, Positive Approaches and the principles elaborated in Everyday Lives, and are in compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations.
  • Assists the Director of Residential Services in coordination of licensing reviews and if needed, the development of a plan of correction.
  • Ensures medical care and appointments are proactively planned and carried out for all program participants in the service.
  • Ensures communication and coordination with family members of the program participants in the service when available.
  • Participates in the development and implementation of program participant assessments and individual habitation plans which include goals (formal and informal), service objectives and behavioral plans of support which are designed to improve the social and emotional well-being, as well as the self-care skills, of program participants.
  • Ensures program participant’s safety by reporting all allegations/suspicions of abuse to Administrative staff immediately; documents the incident prior to leaving the shift.
  • Responds to emergency situations, including notification of appropriate personnel and completion of accurate documentation.
  • Accompanies program participants to medical appointments/treatment. Must be prepared to provide accurate, objectively determined relevant information to the physician or practitioner.
  • Must be available to administer medication to program participants in accordance with DPW Medication Administration training. Accurately records all medication administration on the Medication Administration Record (MAR).  Notifies and consults with the physician’s office on all medication disruptions or questions.
  • Ensures behavioral recommendations are implemented in accordance with the interdisciplinary team through role modeling and training.
  • Coordinates, arranges and completes provisions for specialized services as identified in the individual habilitation plan and individual needs as they occur, such as medical and dental care, speech and psychotherapy.
  • Counsels program participants to help them more effectively deal with matters such as personal problems, interpersonal relationships and community responsibilities through discussion and role modeling of appropriate behaviors. Guides program participants in the proper use of their civil rights which will aid the individual in assuming a more active role in community life.
  • Prepares behavior evaluations, quarterly reviews, assessments and individual habitation plans. Records observations in the behavioral status and progress of program participants utilizing input from residential staff.
  • Controls the home maintenance budget for the facility, petty cash funds and accounts for all program participants.
  • Reports any operational, staff or program participant problem to the Director of Residential Services.
  • Conducts investigations as assigned using certified investigator protocols and practices.
  • Initiates, encourages and supervises social and recreational activities.
  • Appropriately responds to emergency situations, including notification and documentation. Uses the least restrictive or intensive level of interaction before the implementation of any restraint.
  • Completes documentation for program participants to monitor their quality of life in medical, social, cognitive and emotional aspects of their well-being.
  • Supervises and assists in the routine tasks necessary to provide support services to program participants, i.e., meal preparation and clean up, household cleaning, laundry, bed-making, etc. Provides a safe and secure environment for program participants, both within the site and while driving program participants in the Agency vehicle.  Supervises the provision of upkeep, maintenance and supplies required for the physical facility, preparation and recording of menus, expenses, daily communications, activities, medication and daily participant records.
  • Transports program participants to various locations, such as day program, doctor/clinic appointments, recreational activities, etc.


(Education and/or Experience/Physical Demands/Other Skills and Abilities)

Education and/or Experience:

  • Associate’s degree/60 credit hours from an accredited college or university plus a minimum of four (4) years experience working directly with individuals with an intellectual disability.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required.

Physical Demands:

  • Lifting: Must be physically capable to assist in lifting a person up to 250 pounds, i.e. during bathing, toileting, seizures, and in the event of accidental falls, etc. Must be independently capable of lifting a minimum of 20 pounds, i.e. groceries, laundry, etc.
  • Walking: Must be physically capable of walking around a 1,500-2,000 square foot group home and to various indoor/outdoor activities, both at the home and in the community.  Must be capable of entering and exiting Agency vehicles.
  • Bending/Reaching: Must be able to operate household appliances, i.e. stove, washer, dryer, microwave oven, etc.  These tasks require ability to bend, squat, kneel, push, pull, reach, twist, and climb and include loading and unloading dishwasher and washer and dryer, placing groceries in cabinets of various heights, vacuuming and washing floors, making and changing beds, picking up dropped items and climbing up and down stairs, as well in and out of Agency vehicles.
  • Sitting: Must be capable of sitting for sufficient periods of time to complete documentation associated with participants and program, speak with participants, and drive agency vehicles.
  • Standing: Must be capable of standing for sufficient periods of time to wash/dry dishes, load/unload dishwasher and washer and dryer, put away groceries and speak with participants.
  • Hand Usage: Must be capable of continuous bilateral hand usage with simple grasping in order to perform all job functions.
  • Foot Usage: Must be capable of operating foot controls in the Agency vehicle.
  • Visual/Auditory: Must be capable of monitoring participants’ actions and physical conditions through sight and sound.
  • Speech: Must be physically capable of communicating with participants and others.
  • Must be physically able to assist program participants in safe evacuation from the site in the event of an emergency within timeframe specified by licensing requirements.
  • Must be physically capable of kneeling in order to perform CPR and First Aid in the event of an emergency.

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license from state of residency and be insurable under Step By Step’s insurance carrier’s regulations.
  • Must pass and maintain CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Must pass the Medication Administration Test and maintain Medication Administration Certification.
  • Must obtain and maintain Certified Abuse Investigator Certification.
  • Must be mentally and visually aware of consumers’ actions and physical condition.
  • Must complete 24 hours of training within the training year, if required by regulations.
  • Must read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  • Must present and maintain a pleasant and professional demeanor at all times in order to remain open and accessible to all co-workers, management staff, and outside contacts.
  • Must be willing and able to attend conferences, seminars, trainings and meetings as instructed and serve on an Agency committees if requested.
  • Must be knowledgeable of Agency services, policies and procedures.
  • Must adhere to Professional Standards as set forth by the Agency and maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Must actively promote and personally observe safety and security procedures.