This positions works in the Lehigh Valley Regional Office overseeing the clerical team in both the Regional Office and Outpatient Facility. This is a diverse and talented team.

The Office Manager is responsible for overall management of the Lehigh Valley Office, the Outpatient Program Office and supervision of clerical staff.  This position is directly accountable to the Lehigh Valley Regional Director.

Management functions include, but are not limited to, administration, planning, monitoring, evaluating and supervising the support of services provided in the Lehigh Valley Region.  Leadership and management are essential elements of this position.  Attention to detail, effective problem solving and sound and ethical judgment are equally essential.  Innovation, drive and loyalty are strongly encouraged and self-motivation, self-direction is expected.  This position encompasses a wide range of duties and presents complex situations requiring discretion and problem solving ability.


  • High School Degree; and
  • One year experience as supervisor; and
  • Three years business experience working in a professional office atmosphere.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (include but not limited to):

  • Interviews applicants for vacant positions.
  • Equips clerical staff with a thorough orientation, and provides continual support and training to clerical staff for continuous growth.
  • Ensures that clerical staff receives on-going training, inclusive of various software training.
  • Provides and documents bi-weekly supervision for each clerical staff.
  • Responds to reports of safety and/or repair needs, or contacts the landlord for office repair needs.
  • Coordinates repairs and upkeep with contractors.
  • Ensures that supplies are available for operational function of the office, i.e., plastic ware, paper products, cleaning supplies.
  • Member of the Regional Safety Committee, and ensures the distribution of Regional Safety Minutes and reports to the Director of Risk Management.
  • Member of the Emergency Operations Planning Committee.
  • Develops and maintains open, clear and productive communication with members of the Step By Step fiscal department.
  • Maintains up-to-date billing skills and information to ensure timeliness and accurateness of billing generated from the Regional Office.
  • Ensures the accuracy and timeliness of consumer related fund management, i.e., representative payee accounts, rent payments and rent rebates.
  • Reconciles bank statements.
  • Assists with fund raising and fund raising activities.
  • Manages the distribution of donations.
  • Maintains all charge accounts.
  • Ensures confidentiality of protected health and agency confidential information (both individuals in service and staff).
  • Maintains regional phones, fax machines, copiers, mobile phones, 2-way radios and pager services.
  • Supports all regional staff’s IT needs and coordinates repairs and installation needs with IT department.

Salary – starting rate is $18.24/hr