As a Direct Support Staff, you are accountable to the supervisor assigned to the site in which you work.   A Direct Support Staff is not authorized to work in excess of 40 hours per week unless directed to do so by supervisory staff.  The Direct Support Staff position is relied upon for ethical implementation of services and support.  You are delegated the authority, responsibility and accountability necessary to carry out assigned duties and to respond to emergency situations.  Supervisory staff is available to you on a 24-hour basis.  Since you will be working with people, you must be prepared to effectively deal with emergencies, health-related issues and unexpected interruption of duties.  We ask  you be flexible in routine, daily assignments, site assignments, hours of work and philosophical commitment.  Your actions will affect another person’s life, and it is expected you will be a positive, desirable role model.  Since you will be interacting with numerous professionals on a frequent basis, you are expected to represent yourself and the Agency in a positive, professional manner at all times.  You will be responsible for participating in Consumer’s Inter-disciplinary Teams and for providing active treatment to consumers.