The Direct Support Staff Supervisor reports directly to the Program Manager and supervises Direct Support Staff who are engaged in assisting program participants to live and function as independently as possible within the community.


  • Provides direct, on-going supervision and support to Direct Support Staff.
  • Completes required performance evaluations for Direct Support Staff with the assistance of the Program Manager.
  • Prepares and posts staff schedules; makes needed adjustments to schedules as required, and ensures staff is notified verbally when such adjustments are made.
  • Ensures Direct Support Staff receive required training upon hire and on an on-going basis. Tracks staff training hours to ensure minimum requirements are met, as defined either by DPW/DOH regulation or Agency policy, including but not limited to Medication Administration training and Staff Effectiveness and Safety Techniques, Fire/OSHA, Incident Management (at designated facilities).
  • Ensures the provision and implementation of specialized services, including speech therapy, psychotherapy, and medical and dental care, to meet each program participant’s needs.
  • Assists Program Manager in developing, implementing and monitoring individual program plans designed to improve the social and self care skills of program participants.
  • Conducts comprehensive reviews of the Residential Daily Case Note to ensure quality of documentation and accuracy of census information. This review shall occur a minimum of one time per week for each program participant.
  • Supervises the daily activities of program participants and ensures their needs are met.
  • Ensures the residential unit is maintained and operated in a safe, secure, and lawful manner, in accordance with DPW/DOH regulations and local ordinances.
  • Assists with client activity schedules and events.
    • Ensures the availability of all necessary supplies and equipment.
    • Conducts staff meetings a minimum of once per month, provides in-service training as needed, and ensures meeting minutes are taken and published.
    • Assists the Program Manager in operating the facility within established budget for the home.
    • Maintains site petty cash account, as well as spending accounts for each program participant.
  • Prepares and posts menus that reflect the needs and preferences of program participants. Ensures grocery shopping is completed on a weekly basis and that there is a sufficient amount of food available.
  • Reports maintenance problems to the Program Director and assists in resolving such issues to the extent possible.
  • Responds appropriately to emergency situations, including notification and documentation of all incidents to appropriate parties.
  • Works with the Program Manager to address staff issues or concerns.
  • Reports program participant issues or concerns to the Program Manager.
  • Ensures vehicle inspections, maintenance, and checklists are completed. Ensures mileage log documentation is completed.
  • Ensures completion of site walk-throughs, weekly fire safety checklists, and that gas and grocery receipts are forwarded to the regional office on a weekly basis.
  • Participates as needed in the operation of a 24 hour, seven day per week on-call system.
  • Other duties as assigned


(Education and/or Experience/Physical Demands/Other Skills and Abilities)

 Education and/or Experience:

  • Associates degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university plus a minimum of 1 year direct care experience in the human services field; or
  • High School diploma or GED plus 2 years experience in the human services field, or a minimum of 1 year supervisory experience plus 1 year of experience in the human services field.

Physical Demands:

  • Lifting: Must be physically capable of performing the following lifting activities:  assisting program participants in/out of van (some program participants are ambulatory, some have awkward gaits and others are in wheelchairs) and lifting program participants who are in wheelchairs to bed, toilet, tub, to and from wheelchair, etc.
  • Bending/Reaching: Must be physically capable of performing the following bending activities:  demonstrating lifting technique on program participant’s into/out of bed, bath lifts, wheelchairs, vans, etc., bending in order to pick up dropped items, to assist in changing program participant’s clothes, climbing up and down stairs, as well as in and out of agency vehicles, physically evacuate people to a safe location, and administer hands-on crisis intervention techniques and deliver emergency medical/ first aid /CPR assistance.
  • Sitting: Must be physically capable of sitting to perform the following duties:  recordkeeping, revising care plans, and talking with program participants.  Must be able to drive own or agency vehicle from the group home to various sites in the community for medical appointments, sight-seeing, various recreational activities, etc.
  • Walking: Must be physically capable of performing the following activities:  walking with program participants to various indoor and outdoor activities, walking within a 1,500 square foot group home, and entering/exiting the agency vehicle while participating in trips into the community.
  • Standing: Must be physically capable of standing to perform the following activities:  visiting program participants while hospitalized in various facilities, visiting homes to determine overall medical/physical conditions, and speaking with program participants.
  • Twisting: Must be physically capable of performing activities of daily living around the group home.
  • Climbing: Must be physically capable to climb up/down one flight of stairs in order to gain access to second floor.  Must be able to climb one large step in order to access/exit the agency van.
  • Squatting: Must be physically capable of squatting next to chairs, beds, etc., to examine program participants.
  • Kneeling: Must be physically capable of kneeling in order to provide emergency care (CPR, first aid, etc.) or routine care.
  • Pushing: Must be physically capable of demonstrating lifting techniques to staff, sliding van door open/shut and assisting program participants with wheelchairs.
  • Pulling: Must be physically capable of opening van door and holding doors open.
  • Reaching: Must be physically capable of performing the following activities:  demonstrating turning of program participants while in bed/prone condition, lifting/moving program participants to direct care staff.
  • Hand Usage: Must be physically capable to perform continuous bi-lateral hand usage with simple grasping in order to perform all job functions.
  • Foot Usage: Must be physically capable of operating foot controls in the agency van in order to operate the van.
  • Must be physically able to assist program participants in safe evacuation from the site in the event of an emergency within time frame specified by licensing.
  • Must be physically capable of performing CPR and First Aid in the event of an emergency.

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license from state of residency and be insurable under Step By Step’s insurance carrier’s regulations.
  • Must pass the Medication Administration Test and maintain Medication Administration Certification.
  • Must pass and maintain CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Must complete 24 hours of training within the training year, July to June.
  • Must be mentally and visually aware of program participants’ actions and physical condition.
  • Must read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  • Must present a professional attitude at all times when dealing with co-workers, management and outside contacts.
  • Must maintain a pleasant demeanor on a consistent basis in order to remain open and accessible to all co workers, management staff, and outside contacts.
  • Must be willing and able to attend conferences, seminars, trainings and meetings as instructed.
  • Must be willing and able to serve on an Agency committee if requested.
  • Must be knowledgeable of Agency services.
  • Must be knowledgeable of Agency policies and procedures.
  • Must adhere to Professional Standards as set forth by the Agency.
  • Must maintain confidentiality at all times.