The Director of Residential Services maintains overall administrative and supervisory responsibility for assigned residential programs in a defined geographical service area.  Work is performed under the general direction and supervision of the Vice President of Operations-Western Region, who reviews work for effectiveness and adherence to program policies and procedures.  The Director of Residential Services acts as member of the Western Regional Management Team to ensure optimal cooperation and coordination between all services.


  • Ensures that all assigned programs are operated in accordance with the principles of Normalization, Positive Approaches and the principles elaborated on in Everyday Lives.
  • Responsible for management of assigned residential programs operated within the Western Region of Step By Step, Inc.
  • Provides continuous supervision and direction over the operation of assigned residential programs.
  • Evaluates programs for effectiveness in meeting the needs of the program participants, funding sources and oversight entities.
  • Responsible for managing program vacancies within established timeframes. Determines appropriateness of referrals, conducts initial meetings with the referred person and their families, ensures receipt of required information, arranges trial visits, prioritizes referrals, etc.
  • Oversees and reviews all assigned services to ensure the needs of the program participants are identified, services are delivered and reporting requirements are met.
  • Maintains active relationships with Administrative Entities, state and municipal departments and government entities which fund, review, license, or otherwise influence the services provided.
  • Coordinates licensing reviews and develops plans of correction for deficiencies noted during survey for review and approval by the Vice President of Operations-Western Region.
  • Ensures compliance with all state, local, and county regulatory standards.
  • Provides input into the preparation of the annual budget in a defined area and assists the Vice President Of Operations-Western Region in monitoring program expenditures.
  • Monitors expenditures and revenues throughout the year and operates assigned programs within defined budget parameters.
  • Reviews all incident reports and ensures appropriate management response has been implemented.
  • Ensures appropriate preventative measures are taken to ensure the safety and welfare of all program participants. Works with the Director of Property and Risk Management on issues related to vehicles/site insurance, employee drivers, facility needs and workers compensation.
  • Ensures program participants’ physical and emotional health is maintained through appropriate planning and makes recommendations for needed services.
  • Represents Step By Step at local and state provider groups, trade association, and agency meetings as required. Some overnight travel is required.
  • Convenes and participates in team meetings to ensure program participants’ needs are met and ensures all agency policies and procedures are followed.
  • Coordinates and/or initiates disciplinary actions and provides written counseling reports as necessary, confirming agency policy is followed.
  • Ensures performance evaluations are completed on time and reviewed by appropriate management staff as required.
  • Ensures employee work schedules are fair and adequate to ensure program participants’ needs are met in a timely fashion. Ensures scheduled use of employees’ annual leave does not interfere with efficient operations of homes or managerial support to their homes.
  • Acts as regional liaison with the Benefits Coordinator in the HR Department for all Family and Medical Leave matters.
  • Provides on the job training to subordinates to assure their authority, duties, responsibilities, and accountability is understood.
  • Assumes the authority, responsibility, and accountability of directing the activities of assigned residential programs.
  • Ensures through home inspections, that buildings, properties, furnishings and equipment are maintained in good and safe repair; ensures homes have a homelike atmosphere.
  • Coordinates and authorizes all purchases through confirmed agency policy for bidding.
  • Maintains and ensures confidentiality of all program participant information and protects agency business matters with integrity and confidentiality.
  • Ensures program participants’ rights to fair and equitable treatment, self determination and privacy are honored and protected and all staff exercises activity which fosters an enriched life.
  • Conducts investigations as assigned using certified investigator protocols and practices.
  • Oversees and coordinates meetings for the agency’s Human Rights Committee for assigned developmental disability programs.
  • Provides training, supervision and on-site guidance to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned and as may become logically necessary to meet the goals and aspirations of the agency.
  • Seeks out and oversees program expansion initiatives with guidance from the Vice President of Operations-Western Region.
  • Establishes program review cycles and develops and implements a record review system to ensure all records are maintained according to agency policy and procedure.
  • Assists with the management and oversight of an on-call system that operates on a 24-hour, 7-day per week basis and participates in administrative on-call back-up.



(Education and/or Experience/Physical Demands/Other Skills and Abilities)

Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 4 years experience working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities, 2 years of which were in a supervisory capacity.